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Interagency consultation is required under the transportation conformity rule, as described in 40 CFR 51.402. In the northeastern Illinois region, these procedures are addressed through the consultation process described below and through the work of CMAP's committees, subcommittees, task forces and working groups as described in the region's Public Participation Plan.
In the northeastern Illinois region, consultation involving the MPO, Illinois EPA (IEPA), the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), FHWA, FTA and U.S. EPA facilitates the local, regional and state decision-making process by providing a forum for all affected federal, state, regional and local agencies to discuss and resolve important issues. Decisions made through this interagency consultation process guide the MPO in making the conformity determination.
The consultation process facilitates the regional planning process in several ways. First, consultation assures early and proactive participation by the USEPA, FTA, and FHWA in the plan and TIP development process. Second, consultation serves as a forum for interagency communication and understanding to prevent or resolve potential obstacles in the conformity process. Finally, the expertise of the federal agency representatives is relied upon for assistance interpreting air quality regulations, as well as ON TO 2050 and TIP requirements.
The consultation team meets at the CMAP office on an as-needed basis. Every attempt is made to schedule meetings so that all representatives can attend, but the meetings are held whether or not all members are present. No decision is put into effect until the concurrence of all parties involved in the consultation process is achieved.

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